Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Printing

Do you have and Order Minimums?

Yes and no. We have minimums for methods such as screen printing, but we also offer other solutions to meet your project needs that do not require minimums.

What is your Turn Around time on orders?

Typically we can get orders out the door in 5-7 business days or sooner. There are some times of year that the schedule gets loaded; we will always be upfront with you on the timing and plan to meet your deadlines if at all possible. Our motto here is just get it done.

Do you have any Art Requirements?

The ideal file format is vector art, such as an Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw file. We can sometimes work with your art in other formats, but there may be art charges involved for our artists to clean up or re-work the file you provide.Send us your file and we can let you know how we will proceed.

Will I received a Proof before production?

Absolutely! We work up a digital proof and send it to you in a pdf format for approval. We work directly with you to get the art exactly as you imagined it on the garment and do not move to press until we have your written approval on the project.

What type of Product Availability do you have?

We offer thousands of items from T shirts, to jackets, hoodies, pants, hats, beanies and much more! We don’t keep them on premises, rather we order them from our vendors once we have worked with you to choose the right item or items for your specific needs.

Can you do Pantone Matching?

Absolutely! We can mix any color to Pantone match your logo or design. Color matching fees apply.

How does your Re-ordering process work?

If you decide to re-order a previously completed project we will reduce the setup fees to half of the original price. Since we already have the art and specs for the job all we need to know is if the garment remains the same and how many you will need.

Can I provide my own garments?

Yes, we allow our customers to provide their own garments if they choose. However, we cannot replace any customer provided item if it is misprinted or damaged during the normal printing process. Misprints are part of the job, but we can only replace items that we have purchased through our wholesale vendors.


What is Digitizing?

It is the initial setup for stitching for an embroidery file. It is typically a one time charge for initial setup as long as reuse of the image stays the same and stays the same size. It is likely that we would have to re-digitize the file if there is a size change.

Why is pricing based on Stitch Count?

It is the easiest way to account for the time and material necessary to complete your design.

What are Hoops, Flats and Hats?

Hoops are part of the setup equipment necessary for embroidery. They pull the sew location of the garment tight like a drum so we can stitch your image onto a nice clean surface. Flats and hats refers to hats vs something like shirts. Hats and flats are sewn separately as they require different setups of the embroidery machine to complete. For this reason hats and flats quantities are not added together to determine.

I already have a Digitized file?

Sometimes a customer does have their own previously digitized file. If so we are happy to use it to sew your design, but we are unable to make any edits or corrections if needed, The design will sew just as the file we received.